From Argentina to Israel: Rescue flight takes off

Upon their arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, the returnees will be required to stay at "coronavirus hotel" for two weeks.

Orli Harari ,

Israeli ambassador to Argentina, Galit Ronen, at the airpost
Israeli ambassador to Argentina, Galit Ronen, at the airpost
Courtesy of Amsalem Tours

Israelis who were in Argentina and are seeking to return to Israel are making their way from Buenos Aires and are scheduled to land at the Ben Gurion Airport on Monday.

The Israelis took off from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo on a LATAM airline plane. From there, they will leave on an Air France plane for Paris. From Paris, the Israelis will continue on an Israir plane to Tel Aviv.

Upon landing, the returnees will be required to stay in one of the Ministry of Defense’s “coronavirus hotels” for two weeks, in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Health.

Yaakov Amsalem, CEO and owner of the Amsalem Tours Group which organized the rescue operation, said, "We excited over every rescue operation we lead due to the coronavirus crisis. Dozens of hours of work around the clock accumulate towards that moment when the plane takes off and brings with it joy to the travelers and their families.”

Amsalem continued, “This is one of the most unusual and complex rescue operations we have had so far. To connect the three airlines: LATAM airlines, Air France and Israir, to ensure that the global authorities authorize each of the flights, despite the coronavirus restrictions, to connect all the flights together in the context of registration schedules, passports, visas, seating, food, wheelchairs to help elderly, masks and gloves, tagging the luggage between the charter flights and regular flights and taking care of all the little details up to the last little detail.”

"All of this would not have been possible without the help of a lot of good people whose common denominator is to take care of our dear brothers in the Diaspora and help them come to our small, holy land in peace and security," he added.