Falafel stand owner breaks down in middle of TV interview

A Falafel stand owner broke down during an on-air interview as businesses in Israel crumble due to gov't restrictions.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yuval Carmi
Yuval Carmi
Channel 13 News

Falafel shop owner Yuval Carmi who tried opening his shop for business, broke down in a live interview to Channel 13 News when speaking about his difficulties resulting in the government's closures in lieu of the coronavirus crisis.

Carmi says he lost his entire livelihood in one swoop as a result of preventive health measures enacted as part of the coronavirus fight. He isn't looking for handouts—he just expects the government to allow him a way out of the current situation.

The reporter who interviewed Carmi said she didn't expect the interview would come to a close with tears in his eyes. The interview is to be broadcast this evening on the main edition of the channel's programming.

MK Ayelet Shaked responded to the video saying, "Carmi wants to earn a living—not receive food stamps. The government should allow people to get food delivered, reopen barber shops and clothing stores according to Health Ministry directives. This will allow numerous individuals get their livelihood and dignity back."

MK Nir Barkat of the Likud also commented on the ongoing crisis: "Finance Minister, wake up before it's too late. The outcry of Yuval Carmi, the Falafel stand owner from Ashdod, is heartbreaking: "These hands are intended for feeding my children. How long will I be able to continue like this?," [he says]. The only solution is to provide direct and immediate assistance [as well as] a "respiratory grant "to all self-employed individuals and business owners in need of it."