Why their mother's passing gave this family a measure of comfort

The Teshuva family’s story began long before the appearance of the virus, but has taken a turn for the worse in its wake.

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Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 20:21

kupat haiir

With the coronavirus dominating the headlines, it is easy to forget that there are still raw, real stories of family triumph and tragedy taking place within the now locked-down city of Bnei Brak. The Teshuva family’s story began long before the appearance of the virus, but has unfolded in its wake.

Efrat Teshuva was a young mother of five when she was diagnosed with cancer. For the past four years, she has bravely fought the disease in one hospital after another. At one point she was even forced to do what no mother can imagine in her worst nightmare: Because she was stuck at the hospital with her husband keeping watch by her bedside, she was forced to send her children away to live with family. During that time they longed to be together. When she was first diagnosed, her youngest was only a year old.

Last month, Efrat passed away. Though it is an unimaginable tragedy for the kids, there was also a level of comfort: At last, father Meir can return home to their kids and they can live together as a family. The question of how they will survive now that Mom isn't there to spend her time with them remains a constant concern. The entire family is confined to their home, babysitters are not allowed to enter due to health restrictions, and Meir is caught between the desire to work long hours to support his kids and the necessity to spend time with them following the loss of their mother.

An emergency fund has been opened to help the Teshuva family. Those close to them hope and pray that readers will take this break from focusing on the virus to help a young father raise his children alone. Right now, it is their only chance for a brighter future.