Israeli companies on verge of device for instant virus tracking

Israeli companies are about to begin experimenting on device that would allow COVID-19 carriers to be tracked in under a minute of time.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Coronavirus positive
Coronavirus positive

An experiment of a device that would make detecting the coronavirus and treating it a lot faster has been approved by the Helsinki Commission. Two Israeli companies – Next Gen and Scent-Tech have teamed up to test a machine which would identify individuals infected with COVID-19 in under a minute, allowing them to receive timely treatment and preventing the spread of the virus.

The machine is supposed to function the same way as the police breathalyzer test—only instead of inspecting the amount of ethanol in the blood, it would provide an indication of whether someone is a carrier of the virus, what stage of the sickness they're in, and which DNA chromosomes have been affected, allowing scientists to come up with a treatment.

Researchers hope the machine will go into effect in the near future, making it easier to track down patients and place them in isolation. If it succeeds in its mission, Israel could provide the entire world some much-needed respite from the pandemic scourging a considerable portion of the global population.