What happened at Metzoke Dragot? The father explains

Head of northern Torah Core group, father of one of youths accused of violating quarantine, stealing IDF equipment relates son's version.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hillel Meir/TPS

Yehuda Lubetsky, a teacher at a high school yeshiva and head of a Torah Core group in northern Israel, is the father of one of the suspects involved in the incident near Metzoke Dragot reported on Thursday.

A group identified as “Hilltop Youth” had been accused of violating a coronavirus quarantine, fleeing a military facility established on their behalf near Metzoke Dragot in the Dead Sea area while stealing military equipment from the site.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva on Friday, the father asked to relate his son's version of events. "They did not violate the quarantine," the son wrote to his family. "Some of the guys ended the quarantine on Wednesday - two weeks since they were in contact with the guy who was diagnosed, and some went to their homes or other places to end the quarantine period (this evening)."

According to the son, "The youths did not steal equipment, they left without taking anything. Five hours after they left, two other guys (not from the quarantine) came and took some things. The army caught them, took back the equipment they had and, after a court hearing, they were released."

Why did they leave? The son replied, "After they were not accepted to the hotel, they wanted to go back to quarantine in Givat Ronen - where they had been. As far as they were concerned, since everything they did with them was without their permission - starting from taking them to Saharonim though they were not guilty of anything, and also sticking them in the middle of nowhere near the Dead Sea under heavy guard by Yasam [Israel Police Special Patrol Unit]. True, because it was a nice place and they received a lot of equipment, they decided to stay there for the time being but leave at a time that suited them, and that’s what they did."