6 reasons to choose vaping over smoking

Vapes help smokers let go of their cigarette addiction by using e-cigarettes.

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Man Vaping
Man Vaping

Cigarettes cause cancer, are addictive, and extremely difficult to quit. Vapes, by contrast, help smokers let go of their cigarette addiction by choosing e-cigarette, as vaping provide a nicotine hit without damaging effects of tar and tobacco.

Recent studies have shown that vaping is, in fact, safer than smoking. Many smokers have shifted to vaping and have successfully quit smoking.

Benefits Of Vaping

  • No odor – When you smoke a cigarette, you are surrounded by smoke with a foul odor due to the burning of the cigarette. However, vaping does not leave behind any smoky smell. Due to the numerous flavors of e-liquid, vaping releases pleasant aroma in the environment and you may even be complimented for it.
  • Safer than smoking – Many doctors and experts believe and have come to the conclusion that vaping is 95% safer as compared to smoking. Because there is no combustion, ash, or tar associated with vaping, if you leave smoking and start vaping, you are going to experience various health benefits, such as better skin health, oral health, lung capacity, blood circulation, and an enhanced sense of taste and smell. You can try naked 100 e liquid.
  • Numerous flavors – Vaping requires e-liquids and they come in a variety of exciting flavors. In fact, new flavors are added frequently, so you can try and choose a different flavor every time. Amongst the most popular flavors include desserts, fruits, menthol, tobacco, beverages, and other foods.
  • Limited nicotine intake – Vaping offers you complete control over how much nicotine you consume. You can choose your e-liquid based on varying strengths, including high-strength nicotine to nicotine-free. Cigarette addicts generally begin with e-liquids that have high nicotine levels and then eventually reduce the level to finally eliminate nicotine.
  • Customizable – You can exercise complete control over how much vapor you exhale. A smaller device like a pod vape is designed for low vapor and convenience, however, high-powered mods are great for cloud chasing. You can fine-tune the vapor volume by adjusting airflow, power output, and coil type.
  • Convenient – Vapes offer high convenience because you can use it anytime and calm down your cravings. Using a vape is as easy as drawing on the vape or pushing a button depending on the technology used. All vapes work on rechargeable batteries and e-liquid. With one charge, you can use the vape throughout the day without any maintenance.

In the case of cigarettes, smokers may end others their lighters to others, or forget their lighters. And when the urge to smoke kicks in, they find themselves searching for a light. This is not an issue when you vape.

Also, you do not require to hold any experience if you start vaping. Modern devices are draw-activated and they automatically engage when you puff on them.

  • Widely available – You can find vapes practically everywhere. You can buy vapes and their e-liquids online, from smoke stores, and even from convenience stores. In fact, most of the places that sell tobacco also keep vapes with them.

Shifting to vaping from smoking has numerous benefits apart from health benefits. With every cigarette you smoke, you burn your lungs. In the case of vape, the intensity is reduced significantly, which will improve your health and appearance.