Police use stun grenades in Meah She'arim

Stun grenade thrown by police severely harms young passerby, causing burns to her face.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police officers in Meah She'arim
Police officers in Meah She'arim
Yehonatan Waltzer, TPS

Israel Police reported that residents of the Meah She'arim neighborhood in Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon threw eggs and stones at them, necessitating a response that included stun grenades.

However, when the police used stun grenades, a young girl who was not involved in the incident was injured, suffering burns to her face.

Israel Police later responded to harsh criticism of their conduct in quelling the protest, saying that they did not notice the presence of mother and child.

Meanwhile, video footage shows the grenade being cast directly at the young girl, uninvolved in the incident, and she and her mother sustained injuries.

MK Michael Malchieli (Shas) said: "One must take a firm stance against those who disturb the public order with violent means, and especially against those who attack security forces."

"But to see videos like these, terrible scenes, including the throwing of a stun grenade into the face of a young girl, shouldn't happen in any scenario. In such crowded areas, special caution must be exercised."

MK Yaakov Tessler (UTJ) demanded that the police be brought to account for the throwing of a stun grenade directly at bystanders, resulting in the girl's injury.

"It is horrifying to see such violence on the part of police," he said. "This is a very disturbing incident involving disproportionate use of violence by police, in a crowded neighborhood against innocent bystanders. There is no justification for people who disturb the public order, but police are expected to act with restraint, intelligence, and with great caution especially when in close quarters."

"Such police behavior results in ... a total lack of trust in the police among the haredi population," he added. "I call for the police to be brought to account for their behavior in these criminal acts, and for this grave incident to be thoroughly investigated."