UK: 106-year-old woman overcomes coronavirus

Connie Titchen from Birmingham has lived through two world wars and feels 'very lucky' to have survived the virus.

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Coronavirus: CDC Expert in a Hazmat Suit
Coronavirus: CDC Expert in a Hazmat Suit

106-year-old Connie Titchen is believed to be Britain’s oldest patient to overcome the coronavirus. She was admitted to City Hospital in March with suspected pneumonia and was diagnosed with coronavirus soon afterwards.

According to a report by the NHS Trust, of the English National Health Service in Birmingham, Titchen is a great-grandmother, who lives in Birmingham. She battled the virus for just under three weeks, recovered and was released from the City Hospital earlier this week.

Connie Titchen was born in September 1913 and has lived through two world wars.

“I feel very lucky that I’ve fought off this virus. I can’t wait to see my family," Titchen said.

Her granddaughter Alex Jones told NHS Trust: "I think the secret of her old age is that she is physically active and very independent. She had a hip operation back in December and within 30 days she was walking again. She really is amazing and I know all the family can’t wait to see her. She has quite a few fans!"

"The care she has received at the hospital has been brilliant and I can’t fault it," Alex added, "During her stay I was kept up-to-date constantly by the nurses looking after her which made me feel so happy. I want to thank the staff for all they have done for her during her stay."