Shilo residents pray from home courtyards for coronavirus patients in Israel, around world

Attorney Nati Rom: 'We'll emerge from this global crisis so we can strengthen relationship and unity between Diaspora and Zionism.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Zichron Mishkan Shiloh

Residents of the Shilo Hills today held a festive prayer service from the courtyards of their homes for Jews and friends of Israel suffering from the coronavirus in Israel and around the world. Prayer leaders from the community played the Hallel prayer to the public from one of the houses. The prayer was held in accordance with Health Ministry rules.

Resident of Esh Kodesh in the Shilo Hills Advocate Nati Rom, who is active in the Diaspora and maintains contact with friends of Israel all over the world, said: "Hallel is full of thanksgiving verses to G-d and is known for its many benefits. We'd like to send best wishes and prayers to all coronavirus patients all over the world."

Rom continued: "Relations with Diaspora Jews are more important today than ever before. It's time to connect, strengthen, and endear them to us. Sadly, many Jewish communities in the world suffered a severe blow from the coronavirus, and in our daily prayers we prayed for their health and for their ability to recover and return to their full glory. It's exciting to see that thousands of Jews and Israelis in the world have joined in prayers and sent names for blessings. With G-d's help we'll emerge from this global crisis so we can strengthen the relationship and unity between Diaspora Jewry, friends of Israel, and Zionism."