Two deaths from coronavirus recorded in PA

The number of cases of coronavirus in the Palestinian Authority rises to 273.

Dalit Halevi ,


Ibrahim Milhem, the official spokesman for the Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet, said on Monday that another case of coronavirus has been confirmed in the PA.

The new patient had worked in a slaughterhouse in the village of Deir al-Asad in Israel, was located at the Barta'a checkpoint when trying to return to the PA and taken for isolation.

The number of cases of coronavirus in PA-assigned territories has risen to 273 (in addition to 36 cases in eastern Jerusalem), 58 have recovered from the disease and two have died.

A total of 17,329 tests have been performed to detect the coronavirus.

According to the PA’s announcement, the number of Palestinian Arab deaths from coronavirus in the diaspora rose to 30 and the number of cases is 678.

64 Palestinian Arabs died from coronavirus in Belgium, 32 in England, 22 in Spain, 15 in Italy, 15 in Sweden and 13 in France.