Kinneret just 20 centimeters from maximum capacity

Warm weather and light rainfall expected throughout Passover holiday.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Photo by David Cohen/Flash90     

The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) rose one centimeter since Sunday, bringing its level to 209 meters below sea level and just 20 centimeters below the upper red line signaling that the lake is full.

The Degania Dam will be opened if the lake fills to maximum capacity.

Meanwhile, Monday's weather is expected to be cloudy or partly cloudy, with a slight rise in temperatures. Towards evening, local rain may fall in southern Israel, and there is a slight chance of flooding.

Monday night will be partly cloudy, and visibility will be impaired in the valleys, along the coast, and in the northern Negev. There may be local rainfall in southern Israel, and there is a chance of flooding.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy or clear. During the morning hours, harsh eastern winds will blow in the northern mountains and there may be local rainfall in southern Israel. During the afternoon, harsh northern winds will blow along the coast. Temperatures will rise to seasonal average.

Wednesday will be clear or partly cloudy, and temperatures will remain unchanged.

Thursday will be partly cloudy, with temperatures rising slightly to above seasonal average. Light rains may fall over the course of the day.