A Passover medley of unity - performed by 3 Israelis of different sectors

Haredi, secular, and Religious Zionist musicians work together to perform 'porch music,' offering a Passover medley of faith and hope.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Playing the 'porch music'
Playing the 'porch music'
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In the midst of the Passover holiday, haredi musician Ami Cohen, secular saxophonist Mark Rosen, and Religious Zionist guitarist Kfir Gueta created "the porch music": An instrumental medley of songs of hope and faith, sprinkled with holiday songs.

Ami Cohen, adapter and producer, said: "We tried to think of a unique and interesting way to bring the public music which would bring joy and move them during these times. And so each of us in the orchestra recorded and photographed [himself] on the porch of his home, while [our] neighbors joined us spontaneously. We really felt like we were a tribe of brothers and sisters."

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, many Israelis are holding "porch events," including sing-alongs, applauding in support for healthcare workers, and prayers in which each person participates from their own home.