Roads empty as Passover lockdown begins

Lockdown for first day of Passover began at 3 PM.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

guarding Israel during crisis
guarding Israel during crisis
Police spokesperson

Tens of thousands of policemen and Border Police officers, with the assistance of the IDF, have been deployed on Israeli roads to enforce emergency regulations approved by the government as part of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

From 3 PM Wednesday afternoon until 7 AM tomorrow morning, Israeli citizens will be prohibited from traveling more than 100 meters from their homes even to buy food.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the coronavirus in Israel stands at 72. 9,404 people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus so far. 255 people are hospitalized in serious condition, 122 of whom are on ventilators. 199 patients are in moderate condition. 801 patients recovered from the virus and were released from hospitalization.

Chief of Police Motti Cohen met with police and law enforcement officers around thecountry. "Passover is a significant holiday for us and symbolizes the value of liberty. In the shadow of the complex situation that is being forced upon us, this time it will be celebrated differently from what we have become accustomed to," Cohen said.

"Our part as a police force is central and significant in the national effort against an invisible enemy and under conditions of uncertainty. You must always remember that only through the enforcement of the restrictions set on the freedom of civilian movement can we maintain freedom for the life of the entire public and secure our future as a society," he said.

"We are all facing a significant challenge which we have not known before. A challenge that requires us to act on a unique and different task from the activity in which we are accustomed. Our mission is national and its purpose is to safeguard the health, well-being and safety of the public. We must be there for the citizen, guide him, assist him and give him the necessary attention and response with the other bodies involved in the craft."