Netanyahu's capitulation: Right-leaning organizations attack

'Unruly judicial activism in our country jeopardizes Israeli democracy, and this danger must be stopped,' says Im Tirtzu Chair Matan Peleg.

Mordechai Sones ,

Prime Minister Netanyahu
Prime Minister Netanyahu
Flash 90

National camp organizations continue intensifying pressure against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's intention to give the Justice Department to Blue and White.

The organizations put pressure on Likud MKs and especially the Prime Minister, demanding that he not accept Benny Gantz' dictates.

ImTirtzu Movement Chairman Matan Peleg, who initiated the move, said "every citizen of the State of Israel, no matter what their political opinions, must demand to balance the legal system of the State of Israel. Wild judicial activism in our country is endangering Israeli democracy in an unprecedented way and this danger must be stopped.

"The Zionist dream was to establish a Jewish and democratic state in Israel and not a tyranny ruled by a handful of self-elected judges," Peleg added.

Likud and Blue and White negotiators report a complete disconnect between the parties since last night, when Benny Gantz's party refused the Likud's request to discuss changing the outline for appointing judges.