Boris Johnson remains in intensive care

British PM Johnson remains in intensive care, but does not require a ventilator, BBC report says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday remained hospitalized in intensive care, and he requires oxygen to breathe, BBC reported.

Johnson was hospitalized on Sunday evening, and his condition worsened on Monday, leading hospital officials to move him to intensive care. Since then, his condition has remained stable.

He does not require a ventilator, BBC noted.

“We are all working together to implement the plan the prime minister set out in order to try to ensure that we can marshal all the resources of government, indeed all the resources of our country, in the fight against this invisible enemy,” Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove told BBC Breakfast TV.

“So far we have proceeded completely by consensus, and we do so in a team way following the scientific advice and medical advice.” He said that Johnson had followed medical advice “at every stage” since his diagnosis.

“We all hope that he can be restored to health as quickly as possible, and that’s all we are thinking about at the moment,” he said.

He added that Downing Street would issue a statement if Johnson's condition changed.