'I praise Your name' featuring residents of Efrat

Moshe Kesselman composed inspiring words from Psalms. He called residents of Efrat join and sing along to counter the feeling of quarantine.

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Composed by Moshe Kesselman. Produced by Mendy Portnoy.

Moshe Kesselman composed inspiring words from Psalms 54.

Save me, Hashem (God), by your name and judge me by your strength

Hashem, hear my prayer. Listen to the words from my mouth

I will praise your name; for it is good. For he has saved me from every trouble

To counter the atmosphere of social distancing and quarantine, he decided to have residents of Efrat join and sing along.

"I saw these words in tehillim (Psalms) and it struck a chord with me", Kesselman told Arutz Sheva, "I knew I had to come up with music to accompany these powerful words".

"Efrat was hit hard with the coronavirus", he explained, "so I wanted to do something to give chizuk (strength) to our community and the world at large. I’d like to thank Rav Shlomo Katz for introducing me to the world of composing and being such an incredible role model for me and my family".

Oded Revivi, mayor of Efrat heard about the initiative and sent the following video message: