Loud argument between Netanyahu and Bennett

PM and Defense Minister clash over coronavirus tests. Netanyahu: "We will now stop this argument and you can continue it on television."

Ben Ariel ,

Netanyahu and Bennett
Netanyahu and Bennett
Emil Salman/POOL

At a Cabinet meeting held on Monday evening, an argument erupted between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

During a debate on the extension of the scope of the coronavirus tests, the Prime Minister told the Defense Minister after the exchange between them turned into shouts, "We will now stop this argument and you can continue it on television."

Health Minister Director General Moshe Bar Siman Tov added, "You are coming down on us, but the Ministry of Defense does not provide the goods for more than 10,000 tests as of this coming Sunday."

Amihai Attali, Knesset report for the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, tweeted on Monday evening following the argument, "So what happened now at the Cabinet meeting is that there is one minister here who cares. And he delves into the material. He devotes his entire life to the coronavirus crisis, and studies it from every direction. And consults with experts from endless areas of knowledge. And listens to other people's ideas. And puts together plans. And updates the public. And it's not even his direct responsibility and all these actions are the complete opposite of everything that is Binyamin Netanyahu, who diminishes consultants, and all world leaders just want to hear his advice, and never builds a long-term plan (except in the political sphere), and you can never know where is his personal interest and where is the concern for the public."

"So it drives him crazy and so in this upside down, rotten world Bennett may soon become the Minister of Social Equality. And we will all suffer for it. But the main thing is that Netanyahu will feel that he won," added Attali.