Defense Ministry to rent 20 more hotels for coronavirus patients

Defense Ministry puts out call for hotels to submit proposals, offer solutions for housing thousands of Israelis returning from abroad.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Dan Panorama hotel (illustrative)
Dan Panorama hotel (illustrative)
Kobi Richter, TPS

Under orders from Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (Yamina), the purchasing manager of the Defense Ministry published a call for proposals for Israeli hotels, due to the need to rent another 20 hotels to house thousands of Israelis who will need to be quarantined after their expected return to Israel prior to Pesach (Passover).

"With the coming of the Pesach holiday, we will put in great effort to bring home the Israelis who are abroad, so that they will be at home during the holiday of freedom," the call for proposals states. "As part of the war against coronavirus, the Defense Ministry, Health Ministry, and Home Front Command have all joined the national efforts."

"The effort is great and we call on everyone to join, in whatever field they are in. In order to temporarily house those returning from abroad in hotels, we need Israeli hotels to join this national effort."

The Defense Ministry is looking for hotels which are a single building and have at least 200 rooms, and are in one of the following areas: Tel Aviv and Gush Dan, the Sharon area, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea.

Hotels which meet the criteria are asked to submit proposals as soon as possible, due to the need to open additional "coronavirus hotels" for patients in mild condition at the beginning of next week.