Coronavirus in Beit Shemesh: 36 cases

Beit Shemesh Mayor Aliza Bloch asks the Ministry of Health: Get the confirmed cases out of the city.

Michal Levy ,


Beit Shemesh Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch held a telephone conference call with journalists on Thursday in the wake of the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus in the city.

"I want to share with you my concern. Beit Shemesh has increased from three patients to 36 patients in the past week. I am worried about the growth trend - the curve is trending very sharply upwards," Bloch told reporters.

She called for increased activity in raising awareness among the residents of the city of the Ministry of Health's guidelines. "We made moves in order to create a situation in which all of our residents know and obey the guidelines. We issued leaflets in all languages ​​to increase residents' awareness, but I feel we need to take it up a notch."

"My call to the Ministry of Health is: 'Get the confirmed cases out of Beit Shemesh.' Home isolation is irrelevant in the crowded neighborhoods of the city," the mayor added.