Behind the scenes of Gantz's appointment as Knesset Speaker

Samaria Council chairman convinced Likud party to support Blue and White leader's candidacy.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yossi Dagan meets Netanyahu
Yossi Dagan meets Netanyahu

Samaria Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan was one of the main factors leading to the appointment of Benny Gantz as Speaker of the Knesset, as part of efforts to establish a national unity government.

Dagan persuaded Likud officials to declare the national camp's support for Gantz's nomination for Knesset Speaker, thus pushing the left-center bloc into a corner and portraying it as against unity.

He said such a move would make Gantz dominant in the Blue and White party and would also bring the right and left closer together, enabling the acceleration of negotiations for a unity government.

This morning, when Benny Gantz announced that he would take up the position of Knesset Speaker, Dagan spoke with Likud officials to persuade them to support Gantz's candidacy.

Dagan also explained that if Meir Cohen from Yesh Atid was chosen for the post, he could present the Likud as the "loser" and present a sense of total defeat to the public.

In the end, the Likud was convinced that it was worth supporting Gantz's candidacy and he was indeed elected to the post with the support of 74 Knesset members and ministers.