US: Those who try to spread coronavirus may be tried for terror

"Such acts potentially could implicate the Nation's terrorism-related statutes," DOJ memo posits.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

War on coronavirus
War on coronavirus

A DOJ memo recommends those who intentionally try to spread coronavirus be tried for terrorism.

The memo bearing Tuesday’s date came after terror charges were announced against a New Jersey man who allegedly coughed on a grocery store employee and told her that he had coronavirus.

"Because coronavirus appears to meet the statutory definition of a 'biological agent,'" Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen explained in the memo, "such acts potentially could implicate the Nation's terrorism-related statutes."

"Threats or attempts to use COVID-19 as a weapon against Americans will not be tolerated.”

The recommendation was just one in a series offered to prosecutors in the memo on how to deal with fraudulent and criminal behavior capitalizing on the Covid-19 crisis.

In a separate memo, Attorney General William Barr said a new task force on hoarding and price gouging that capitalizes on the Covid-19 crisis will be led by Craig Carpenito, the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey.

"We must do the best we can to protect Americans' rights and safety in this novel and troubling time," Barr wrote.