Need to Say Kaddish but Don't Have a Minyan? Enter: The Bet El Yeshiva

Students from the Bet El Yeshiva are offering to say Kaddish on behalf of anyone who cannot go to a minyan during this difficult time.

Sharona Cohen ,


Around the world minyanim have come to a halt. But what about those who need to say kaddish for their loved ones? The Bet El Yeshiva continues to hold minyanim, and students are prepared to take on the task of saying Kaddish for anyone who needs.*

"Well I wasn’t sure what I was going to do... Then it occurred to me that there’s a Yeshiva in Bet El and that there were minyanim with limited people and appropriate spacing. I guess it was bashert that my mom who is buried in Bet Shemesh have kaddish said on her yahrzeit in Eretz Yisrael."

-Larry Gordon, Editor, Five Towns Jewish Times Newspaper


*The Bet El Yeshiva has sent all of its students home, and only the married students are left in the large and relatively empty study hall. They are holding minyanim according to the Health Ministry's guidelines with ample social distancing. This service will be available so long as small minyanim are allowed in Israel.