Masked assailants tie up, beat municipal leader

Alksom Regional Council Chairman Eyal Nizri attacked in his own council building.

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masked assailant (illustration)
masked assailant (illustration)
Kobi Gideon/Flash 90

Alksom Regional Council Chairman Eyal Nizri was violently attacked by three masked assailants.

The attack occurred Monday morning when the three entered the council building and reached Nizri's office. They tied the secretary so he could not call for help and beat him. They then fled the scene.

Nizri confirmed the details of the attack to Arutz Sheva and stated that he had filed a complaint with the police.

Nizri's assistant, Salameh Al Atrash Oka'ab Aldrigat, stated: "In the morning, I was sitting with the council head with the police and the Home Front Command about the coronavirus. Suddenly I hear shouts. I came to the chairman's office and saw three masked men, one of whom was carrying gun. He told me 'you're next in line'. They fled the scene. The chairman was sprawled on the floor after being beaten and saw that the secretary had been linked. "

"We filed a complaint with the police and the chairman received medical treatment from MDA staff," the assistant added.

"We don't know who they are, but since the new councilor took office, we started working on the council and ending all the illegal things that were here, in terms of functions, security and transportation, and we made a cut in the council structure, and it didn't come out well for some people. I was intimidated and the chairman was also intimidated and the police did nothing. We came to this situation because of the negligence of the police."

"Following the event, we will hold an emergency meeting and we will continue to operate. The councilor has given full support to the chairman. We asked for a security boost. All decisions made by the council chief and chief executive are professional net decisions and we hope the police will address the outlaws,” Aldrigat concluded.