Kinneret continues to rise - but dam may not be opened

Kinneret water level continues to rise, but chance of opening Degania Dam this year is low - and the coming week is expected to be sunny.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yaron Blustein, TPS

The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) on Monday morning measured at 209 meters and 29 centimeters below sea level, and 49 centimeters below the upper red line signaling that the lake is full. It has not reached this level in 15 years.

Since the beginning of the winter, the Kinneret has risen 2.54 meters (8.32 feet) - the largest rise in several years.

However, no further rainfall is expected in the coming days, so the chance that the rarely-opened Degania Dam will be opened this year is still low, unless the snow melting from the Hermon in the spring makes the difference.

Monday will be partly cloudy or cloudy, with a significant rise in temperatures. There may be drizzles of rain.

Monday night will be mostly clear, with winds picking up along the coast.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy or clear, with temperatures rising slightly in Israel's inland and mountainous regions, and dropping slightly along the coast and in the lowlands. The wind will pick up a bit, and there may be haze.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy or clear, with a slight drop in temperatures.

Thursday will be cloudy or partly cloudy, and there may be light rainfall. Temperatures will rise significantly, the wind will pick up, and there may be haze over the course of the day.