Left making use of LGBTQ community for political gain

A social activist discussed his recent interview with an Arab MK who called for "conversion therapy" for LGBTQ community.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

ח"כ ד"ר מנסור עבאס
ח"כ ד"ר מנסור עבאס
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Social activist, Eran Rosenzweig, discussed the Left's hypocrisy towards the LGBTQ community with journalist Erel Segal on Channel 103 today. Rosenzweig referenced his interview with Joint Arab List MK Mansour Abbas on Walla! as a prime example of this trend. In the interview, Abbas voiced his support for "conversion therapy" for the LGBTQ community.

Rosenzweig was left to wonder why the Left has failed to condemn these statements. "In this Knesset, there are plenty of LGBTQ MKs from all sides [of the political isle]. [Meretz chairman] MK Nitzan Horowitz called on the left bloc to embrace the Joint List. Why doesn't he have anything to say on the matter?"

Rosenzweig described the violence and mistreatment of LGBTQ individuals in the Arab sector. "[The] situation in the Arab sector is the worst in Israeli society," he said.

"I want to appeal to LGBTQ Arabs who have been threatened with violence: You are not the problem; the problem is those who are behind the violence perpetrated against you. And I hope there will be a change because in the Arab sector, [there is plenty of] violence and alienation. People are thrown into the streets, there is murder and it is very difficult," he added.