Time for introspection and prayer

The world is right now in a twilight zone. It is surreal. The COVID-19 virus is bringing us all back together. Opinion.

Joseph Frager, MD ,


The Coronavirus Pandemic should be a wake-up call to each and everyone on Planet Earth. We are all one big COVID-19 Nation now. We are all suffering in one way or another. We are all in G-d’s enormous hands and powerful grip.

The world has veered way off course. The COVID-19 virus is bringing us all back together. I could point out each and every ill of society and believe you me it is a very long List.

Suffice it to say that there has been a severe breakdown of civilization. This has taken on many forms. Families have been broken up by changing and perverse mores. Atheism and Agnosticism have become rampant. People do as they please. The mighty dollar has become even mightier. Social media has become Fake News Central. Truth has been buried under Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
It is time to look at ourselves and ask what it is we could do better?How can we improve society? What can I do for my fellow man to make his or her lot better.

Prayer and Faith have to become more dominant in all of our lives. Fear and panic are reduced by belief in the Almighty. Civilization will not survive without religion. We are all in the foxholes in the war against Coronavirus. If you didn’t have religion before this crisis you better get it now. G-d can destroy the world as he did at the time of the Great Flood. He has the power.

Even though I am a Physician and know fully well the science of viruses and their spread, I am also fully cognizant of G-d’s reach in everything and anything. This is another wake-up call. Just look at how the world has been brought to its knees in a matter of weeks.

The world is right now in a twilight zone. It is surreal. Yes, everyone must take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of disease. At the same time do some serious introspection and increase one’s prayer. I applaud President Trump and Secretary of Housing Dr. Ben Carson for their Day of Prayer this past week. It must continue. We will all be better off.