Emergency hotline for non-medical issues: 104

DM Bennett announces establishment of hotline to address civil issues created as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett announced on Thursday the establishment of a new emergency hotline that will address various civil problems that are emerging as a result of the Corona crisis.

"We have set up a national emergency hotline to help you with civilian (non-medical) problems during the Corona crisis. The Home Front Command hotline has been activated. The number: 104. You are invited to take advantage of it,” Bennett said in a post.

“The Corona crisis creates thousands of different civilian problems that need to be addressed. For example:

- "I own a factory that needs at least 11 people to come, otherwise I won't be able to operate. What do I do?"

- "My grandmother has a Palestinian nursing worker who is forbidden to come."

- "I'm a farmer, and without working hands, I'll lose all my produce."

- "My son is stuck abroad."

“You understand. All the non-medical problems that pop up. The Home Front Command, together with the National Security Council and the government ministries, opened a special hotline that is already manned. For medical problems and questions, please contact the Ministry of Health at hotline *5400. We will do everything to help. We will get through the Corona crisis together."