Stopping for a moment to thank rescue teams

At 6 pm tens of thousands will applaud in balconies, courtyards and supermarkets in appreciation for medical teams and volunteers.

Mordechai Sones ,

MDA man with coronavirus tests
MDA man with coronavirus tests
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An initiative by the students of Ein Porat Mechina aims to pay tribute to the medical teams and volunteers who work to respond to the coronavirus disease crisis.

"On Thursday, March 19, at exactly 6:00 pm - all of us together, citizens of Israel, will stand on balconies, in courtyards, private gardens, at window sills in homes, in hospitals and supermarkets," the organizers noted.

"We'll stand tall and applaud the medical teams and volunteers who work night and day to give all of Israel's citizens a proper medical response to the complicated situation we've encountered," they added.

In honor of the event, Channel 13 News will broadcast with the participation of most media bodies in a powerful display of solidarity that will be broadcast on one split screen with Channel 13 News, Channel 11 News, Ynet, Walla, the Knesset Channel, the Sports Channel, Channel 9, Reuters, many other media outlets, and of course also here on Arutz Sheva.

To fulfill this complex project, Mizmor Productions was also enlisted to provide all technical teams for the broadcast.

Supermarket chain owner Rami Levi helped finance the project, saying, "At such a time, we must all come together and say thank you to the medical teams who work hard for us. It excites me to see the unity of our people in difficult times like these. All employees of Rami Levi strengthen those who are engaged in the holy work, responsibility, and dedication and say thank you! With G-d's help and as long as we continue to obey Health Ministry instructions, we'll get through the coronavirus crisis because we're strong, healthy, and united."