Support Magen David Adom's national effort

It is the fight for our lives - the national combat against the coronavirus.

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MDA's national effort
MDA's national effort
Photo: MDA

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These days MDA's teams are at the forefront of the combat against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), both on the field and at the emergency call centers.

Tens of thousands of incoming calls are received and professionally handled by MDA's medics and paramedics across Israel.

MDA is preparing for an upcoming scenario in which quarantined individuals will require medical care which cannot be provided by overloaded hospitals or community health centers, due to the quarantine. This scenario will require MDA to treat individuals in their own homes without evacuating them to the ERs.

MDA's nightmare scenario is one in which the teams are called to provide assistance to quarantined people, but are unable to do so due to lack of full protective equipment and supplies for the medics on field.

In order for MDA's teams to reach any home with lifesaving Medic-Kits on demand, we need your help.

Israeli Friends of MDA have launched a crowdfunding campaign to equip 3,000 additional medics and paramedics with advanced Meidc-Kits consisting of a defibrillator, respirator, oxygen tanks, medicines and full protective equipment, which will allow providing lifesaving critical care without jeopardizing the teams.

Each Medic-Kit costs 4,700 NIS! And the campaign aims to raise a total of 13 Million NIS, required to allow MDA teams to save lives while protecting their own.

Thousands of medics are already spread and on-call, but await these necessary equipment. This emergency situation obliges all of us as citizens to take responsibility for our own lives.

We call each and every one of you to take part in this national effort to protect ourselves, and help MDA equip the teams.

This is not about slogans. It is about our life and the lives of our beloved ones.

Support this national effort now - click here.