Activists distribute flyers urging MKs: 'Don't enable an anti-Zionist government!'

50,000 door hangers and flyers urge MKs to oppose Joint List-backed government.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

One of the flyers distributed by Im Tirtzu
One of the flyers distributed by Im Tirtzu
Im Tirtzu

Approximately 50,000 door hangers and flyers were distributed over the past few days in neighborhoods of lawmakers from the Blue and White and Yisrael Beytenu parties, calling on them to oppose a government that is backed and reliant on the Joint Arab List.

The initiative, carried out by the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu, focused on Blue and White MKs Zvi Hauser, Yoaz Hendel, Gabi Ashkenazi and Hili Tropper, and on Yisrael Beytenu MK Oded Forer.

"It's in your hands! Don't enable an anti-Zionist government!" read the flyers and door hangers singling out the members of Knesset.

Activists from Im Tirtzu traveled to the communities of the lawmakers and distributed the materials in mailboxes, on doors and in buildings.

On Sunday, all 15 MKs from the Joint Arab List recommended Blue & White head Benny Gantz to form the government.

According to Im Tirtzu, "any self-respecting Zionist needs to oppose a government that is supported and reliant on the Joint List, which opposes Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state and has voiced support for terrorism."

Im Tirtzu CEO, Matan Peleg, said: "The Joint Arab List includes members who praise terrorists, call IDF soldiers war criminals, and promote BDS around the world."

"This is a party that needs to be denounced and spurned by all Zionist parties on the Right and the Left," continued Peleg. "The 'kosher stamp' that has now been given to the Joint Arab List by those who care more about petty politics and personal revenge is putting the future of Israel in jeopardy."