Criers in haredi neighborhoods: 'Watch out for coronavirus!'

Criers on loudspeakers take to streets in haredi sector to clarify importance of Health Ministry guidelines to deal with pandemic.

Mordechai Sones ,

Coronavirus criers in Geulah
Coronavirus criers in Geulah

The Health Ministry began a special publicity campaign by means of leaflets produced by the Information Division for the haredi sector to combat the coronavirus. Many haredi homes do not have internet or smartphones and this is part of the reason their response to the guidelines in certain areas was slower than others.

Criers on loudspeakers took to the streets in haredi neighborhoods, making announcements in Hebrew and Yiddish to clarify the unprecedented urgency of complying with Health Ministry provisions.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry today announced that it is expanding its ban on staying out of home. As part of the new guidelines issued by the Ministry, it was stipulated that one should not leave home for parks, the beach, or the pool, and do not stroll around the malls.

The Transport Ministry announced that public transport activity would be discontinued during the evenings and on weekends. During the day, public transportation will only operate to destinations that are essential employment centers. In Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Givatayim, enforcement of parking tickets was also stopped.

Tonight, public transportation will stop at 10 p.m. Starting tomorrow and every day, service will cease from 8:00 pm until morning. In addition, public transportation will stop operating on weekends starting at 8pm on Thursday and throughout the weekend.

Service will resume by Sunday morning. The moratorium on public transit in the evenings and weekends will include bus, train, and light rail lines.