Emergency Provisions Committee convenes for the first time

Special committee for emergencies meets for the first time as Israel continues to deal with coronavirus outbreak.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Emergency Provisions Committee meets
Emergency Provisions Committee meets
Defense Ministry Spokesperson

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett convened the Emergency Provisions Committee for the first time Tuesday evening in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Defense Minister, Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Deputy Chief of Staff, Home Front Commander, Chief of Staff and representatives of the Health, Finance and Economy Ministries.

At the meeting, the minister said, "There is an accelerated increase in the daily rate of people infected with the coronavirus. Needless to say, we do not know how many carriers there are in the State of Israel right now. There may be the formal number of about 250, there may be 500, there may be 2,000, And there may be 5,000 carriers hanging out between us. By the way, that's a problem the whole world is currently facing."

"This is the first meeting of the Emergency Provisions Committee, an emergency committee of the economy. The economy is not yet set in emergency mode and the purpose of the meeting is to prepare for our options," Bennett stressed.

"If we think about it, we go into a tunnel, we don't know what its length is, we don't know what we will encounter inside the tunnel and we need to prepare for a lot of scenarios inside this simple tunnel. The ultimate goal is to stay ahead of the coronavirus, always being a step or two ahead of the coronavirus," the minister explained.

Bennett added, "At this point, in terms of national inventories, we have a full inventory in all areas. At this point, importation into the country is full, market forces continue to do their best and we this to continue in the next few days. All trade in food products, basic products in the State of Israel, continues as usual and will do so in the near future, but in the course of a few days or a week or two, these things may also be affected."