How to deal with coronavirus in a family of over 200?

If a house of more than 200 people is able to cope so successfully, then we all can.

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Emunah Bet Elazraki
Emunah Bet Elazraki

So, how do you deal with the Coronavirus in a family of more than 200 people?

Everyone is talking about the raging Coronavirus spreading throughout the world. A large part of the Israeli public is under pressure and even in a bit of a panic. There are patients, there are carriers, there are thousands of people in Israel who are in quarantine. There are many families that are storing food, and amongst all this, there is the children's home of Emunah Bet Elazraki in Netanya. In this children's home there are more than 200 children who were removed from their homes by welfare officials due to unsafe and unfit circumstances, and staff accompanying them in their everyday life.

So how does such a huge family deal with the Corona concern?

According to children's home Director Yehuda Kohn. "Our home is fully prepared for prevention and caution. Every day we check the children and staff, take their temperature twice a day, and are fully aware of every child's complaints and make sure to take anything we hear with all seriousness. We also put together a new regulation whereby every hour, everyone washes their hands with soap, and for meals in the dining room everyone sits only on one side of the table."

Kohn places special emphasis on the emotional aspect, which is very significant in light of the general panic in the country and in the world, and especially in the context of children at risk. "It must be remembered," he explains, these are children, whose thresholds of anxiety are also relatively high due to the traumas they experienced in their lives. At times like this when the panic is spreading, we focus on calming the spirits, explaining everything, and mostly giving the children a sense of security knowing that we are here for them and are responsible for them.

When asked how a home can be conducted with more than 200 people, in light of the new regulation of banning gatherings of 100 or more. Kohn explains, "In any situation, there is no gathering of more than 70 people together, and always while keeping a reasonable distance."

If a house of more than 200 people is able to cope so successfully, then we all can.