Isolation hotel project underway

4 hotels throughout Israel to house coronavirus patients with mild symptoms beginning tomorrow.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bennett at one of the hotels
Bennett at one of the hotels
Tal Oz/Defense Ministry

The defense establishment has completed its preparations to launch a community recovery project for coronavirus carriers who are in mild condition.

Together with the Home Front Command, four sites were located throughout the country in the south, center, the north and Jerusalem. The first two hotels to operate in this framework are the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv and the Dan Hotel in Jerusalem.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said, " I thank the Home Front and the Ministry of Health for their cooperation. A vision that last Friday seemed ambitious and distant - is starting tomorrow. The way to fight the spread of the coronavirus is cooperation, increasing tests and the transition to community isolation and recovery."

At the same time, the Defense Ministry has begun to assist in the procurement of equipment from overseas, and the Home Front Command will reinforce MDA focal points with 700 reserve soldiers.