'Does your hatred of Bibi outweigh national responsibility?'

Former Shin Bet head accuses Gantz & Co. of losing sight of key issues due to 'anti-Bibi virus.'

Avi Dichter ,

Avi Dichter
Avi Dichter
Shmuel Eldar

Deputy Defense Minister Avi Dichter addressed an open letter to leaders of the Blue and White party.

"Gantz & Co., you have milked the coronavirus to the end. It can no longer withstand the load you put on its shoulders. You accuse Netanyahu of pushing off his trial even though the judge is the one who made the decision, and you're aware that the [Supreme Court] has the capacity to override that decision. But you ignored that."

"You blame Bibi for exacerbating the means [of fighting the virus] for political reasons. You [conveniently] left out that there is a total curfew imposed in Italy and Spain. There are countries that have imposed much more serious bans to deal with the COVID-19."

"You postpone the establishment of a national emergency government and prefer to profit from the support of the Joint List whose members are terrorist supporters. What would you say [if] someone who failed to take the precautionary measures imposed by the government and got infected with the virus?"

"Thankfully, the general public, including your people, realize that Prime Minister Netanyahu's directives and those of the government offices and agencies that running the fight against the Corona are life-saving and significantly reduce chances of getting infected. The difficult but measured response alongside the discipline of everyday citizens are the main factor in preventing the epidemic from getting out of control."

"On the other hand, Blue and White has lost control. You have lost your national sense of responsibility and have been infected with the 'just not Bibi' virus even as the public feels and says "we are lucky to have Binyamin Netanyahu."

"I returned today from a tour of the food warehouses, and can tell you that there is no food shortage [in the country]. The government with the Ministry of Health in the lead, is continuously updating its guidelines to deal with the coronavirus as fittingly as possible so long as there is no vaccine for it."

"Gantz, Lapid, Ashkenazi and Boogie, this is the time to say goodbye to [your] anti-Bibi feelings, and start thinking rationally [as state representatives]. At a time like this, in conditions we have not seen since the establishment of the State, the entire public, including those who support you, expect you to join a national emergency government headed by Netanyahu to carry the heavy burden."

"So many obstacles have been removed, but your hatred for Bibi is the only thing left standing? Wake up, the burden is heavy, time is running out and the coronavirus is pressing close. Together we will overcome it," concluded the former Shin Bet director.