'We're grateful for what we have, it's for our greater good'

Head of Yeshivat Makor Haim, Rabbi Zinger, being treated for the coronavirus, said the ordeal was for the greater overall good.

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Rabbi Haim Zinger
Rabbi Haim Zinger
Hadassah Medical Center Spokesperson

Prof. Ran Nir-Paz of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem spoke to coronavirus patients including head of the Makor Haim Yehsiva, Rabbi Haim Zinger from beyond the hospital partition

After taking patients' temperatures, and examining their coughing, quality of sleep, and general wellbeing, he stressed that exercise along with maintaining a positive outlook was essential for the outpatient period.

Professor Nir-Paz spoke with Rabbi Dov Singer, also hospitalized after testing "positive" for the coronavirus.

"We're very grateful for the care provided to us at Hadassah," the rabbi said with a smile. "We know that we will be staying here for a while but that it's for our greater good."

Prof. Nir-Paz stressed to Rabbi Singer and the other inpatients that the illness can last from a minimum of six days to several weeks during which more signs of fever and coughing can be observed.

"From my experience of escorting Israeli tourists [returning from the cruise ship on which coronavirus patients had been detected] from Japan, it appears that the disease isn't restricted to specific behavior or a fixed recovery time. "The patients need to have plenty of patience," the doctor noted.