Flooding, strong winds, rain in the forecast

The storm is getting stronger: winds, rain, hail, and flooding expected ahead.

Eitan Divinsky ,

Heavy rain
Heavy rain

The turbulent winter storm that began this evening is expected to get worse tomorrow. Temperatures are likely to plummet, and rain accompanied by hail will fall in the north of the country down to the northern Negev. Strong winds of 70-100 kph are expected and there is concern over flooding in the southern parts of the country.

Thursday to Friday: showers accompanied by thunderstorms and hail in most areas of Israel. Heavy concern about flooding in rivers in the south and east.

Friday: rain expected in most parts of Israel. Strong winds in the south. Winds, accompanies by thunderstorms, expected to strengthen by noon in the north and center.

Saturday: Local rainstorms expected in most parts of the country. Slight fear of flooding in the south and east. Winds expected to subside. Seasonal temperatures.