Temperature checks and questionnaire for those entering hospital

Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem continues preventive measures against entry of people infected with coronavirus into hospital compound.

Mordechai Sones ,

Temperature checks
Temperature checks
Hadassah Spokesman

Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem began conducting temperature checks at the entrance to the hospital building for all visitors entering the site.

Hospital security guards equipped with digital thermometers that remotely measure heat without human contact question the incoming while checking their body heat.

To date, only a few visitors have been refused entry, who have not completed a home isolation period as required by the Health Ministry, or those with fever.

Hadassah Hospital Director Prof. Ze'ev Rothstein explains: "We're doing everything in our power to guard the health of the hospital patients and the care staff, who these days are especially needed and are working around the clock even more intensely.

"We're preventing active coronavirus patients from entering the hospital in non-standard and unregulated fashion," Prof. Rothstein added.