Bennett to Blue and White leaders: You should be ashamed

Defense Minister accuses Blue and White leaders of lying to all Israelis, allying with those who want to destroy Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett sharply criticized the leaders of the Blue and White party for negotiating with the Joint Arab List on the formation of a minority government.

"Gabi, Lapid, Yvette [Liberman], Gantz, Bogie [Ya'alon]: the Tibi-Odeh quintet. The people of Israel look you directly in the eyes and say, 'you should be ashamed.' You lied to all of us with a serious face when you said you would never rely on the Join t List. What happened to you?" Bennett said.

"In the midst of the greatest medical crisis in the history of Israel, you are pursuing Ayman Odeh and Heba Yazbak, haters of Israel, all because of your hatred of Netanyahu," he said.

The minister warned that "the people of Israel will not forgive you for your covenant with those who praise murderers, and whose lives' mission is the abolition of the Jewish state."

"Even years after failing to form a government, your badge of infamy will remain."

Tomorrow (Wednesday), senior officials in Blue and White are scheduled to meet with representatives of the Joint List to discuss the demands of the Arab party for outside support of a minority government led by MK Benny Gantz.