The art of Purim: Being intoxicated on G-d's presence in our world

From the copper laver to the golden calf: A cosmic disconnect.

Yitzchak Reuven ,

Yerushalmi Purim
Yerushalmi Purim
Flash 90

When the Torah reading of Ki Tisa, which contains the story of the golden calf, coincides with the week of Purim and the Shabbat reading of parashat Parah - the ordinance of the red heifer, there is so much to discuss that even a full 46 minute Temple Talk is way too short to say all there it that needs to be said.

Was the debacle of the golden calf really an unforeseen catastrophe, or was it all part of a hidden Divine plan, just as was the Purim story of threatened annihilation followed by sublime salvation, that we read in the scroll of Esther?

What was Aharon's role in the chaotic events surrounding the golden calf, and how did that prepare him for his future role as Kohen Gadol?

Join Yitzchak Reuven as he shares his thoughts before running out of time.