Yuval Steinitz: Outrageous and anti-democratic law

Energy Minister denounces law that would ban Netanyahu from forming coalition: This law spits in the face of at least half the population.

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Yuval Steinitz
Yuval Steinitz
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

After the right-wing bloc managed to win 58 seats in the elections this week, an initiative has been put in place by the left-wing bloc, which would promote a law preventing a Knesset member with an indictment from forming a government.

Energy Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz spoke on Thursday with Anat Davidov and Roni Bar-On on Radio 103FM and responded to the initiative.

"In my opinion, this is not just a personal law against Binyamin Netanyahu, it is the strangest, most outrageous and anti-democratic law imaginable," Minister Steinitz said at the start of the conversation, adding, "It is against several million citizens who, earlier this week, voted directly or indirectly for Netanyahu. Imagine if the Likud would have only won 20 seats, and Gantz would have won 40 seats, this bill would not have been brought up. Why are they bringing it up? Only because of the results of the election a few days ago."

Bar-On: "No one is cancelling the Likud’s victory. It will not take any seats away from you, Bibi will remain a Knesset member, and either you or Gideon Sa'ar or Miri Regev, whoever you decide, whoever will be determined through the primaries, will be the next Prime Minister."

Steinitz: "First of all the Likud, as opposed to Blue and White, is a democratic party. Netanyahu was elected just a few months ago in democratic primaries in the Likud, so to come and try to abolish that through legislation? Secondly, let's not kid ourselves, it is not just the Likud that won 36 seats, it is the bloc headed by Netanyahu and the Likud headed by him, and largely thanks to him, that won these seats, which is half of the people, at least...if you count the Zionist half it is much more than half."

Bar-On: "Do you also exclude Arabs from the calculation of the people? I did not believe I would hear that from you."

Steinitz: "No, no, those who coined the term 'Jewish majority' were Gantz and Lapid, not me. They coined that term just a week ago."

Bar-On: "You're a decent man, I know you, I can't hear that argument."

Towards the end of the interview, Steinitz said that "Gantz said that whoever gets one more seat will be Prime Minister - Netanyahu won three more seats. Instead of respecting Gantz's own statement, they come to pass a law that basically nullifies the results of the election. There is nothing more dangerous to democracy than this kind of legislation."