MK Zohar: The Joint List's voters will decide who will be PM?

Likud MK blasts proposed legislation that will prevent Netanyahu from forming a government.

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Miki Zohar
Miki Zohar
Hezki Baruch

MK Miki Zohar, the head of the Likud Knesset faction, commented on Wednesday on the results of the elections, which turned out to be disappointing for the right.

"We are not panicking, but there is no doubt that after the results of the exit polls, we expected that we would win the missing seat and achieve 61 seats. At the moment, the political equation has changed," Zohar said in an interview on Radio 103FM.

"There is no doubt that after the results of the exit polls, we believed it was possible that when the true results are published, we will find the missing mandate," he continued. "When we have 58 or 59 seats, the political equation changes. We are after three election campaigns, and want to start working for the citizens, and for the state.”

“We thank the public for having received 250,000 more votes than last time. It's a big thing. The public had faith in us, and this came to light when we saw how Blue and White voters crossed the road and came to us. Blue and White are already looking into and collaborating to pass personal legislation against the Prime Minister, which is not surprising,” said Zohar.

"The public has received its answer. They are working with the Joint List to prevent Netanyahu from becoming Prime Minister. I only want to imagine a situation where a round of fighting begins, and someone from the Joint List says he is not comfortable with the fighting methods of the IDF."

Zohar added, "Our security policy is fantastic and responsible and should be welcomed. This was the best decade security-wise for Israel, and it occurred precisely during Netanyahu's time."

When asked if Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman would join the Arabs to support Gantz, Zohar said he hoped he would not, but would not be surprised by any decision made by Liberman. "As far as he is concerned, the highlight will be that Netanyahu will not be Prime Minister. When I hear him, I wonder if there can be a situation in which the state will be abandoned by him only because of his hatred of Netanyahu? This has crossed all the possible lines.”

"Liberman tells stories about religion and state, but that's not the issue - he just doesn't want Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Once the other side stops disqualifying Netanyahu, and understands that there is a huge public that wants Netanyahu, then we can talk."

Zohar also commented on the conduct of Orly Levy-Abekasis and said, “Gesher received votes, Orly Levy is worth far more than one seat. This is a woman who could show responsibility and prevent another round of elections."

Another issue that MK Zohar chose to focus on was the behavior of the members of Blue and White.

"During Netanyahu's request for immunity, their conduct led me to the point where I am ready to change the rules just as they did. They cannot expect us to be the good kids all the time while they are the bad kids. They decided, with some strategy, to break all the rules in order to overthrow the government,” he charged.

"There is no such scenario in the world in which someone other than the public will dictate to the public who will be their Prime Minister. It is not possible for a group of people to force us to abandon our leader. The law they are trying to promote cannot advance. They have no technical option. This is an unnecessary discussion. It can't be done right now.”