Allegations surface against group protesting Netanyahu

A Jerusalem City Councilman filed accusations against organization behind anti-Netanyahu protests.

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City inspectors at the protest compound
City inspectors at the protest compound
Ron Hoffman

Jerusalem City Council Member Aryeh King filed an appeal to the Movement for Quality Government in Israel (MQG) to enquire whether placing a protest demonstration calling on President Rivlin not to provide Netanyahu the mandate to assemble the next government complies with the law.

King presented his inquiry after a number of Jerusalem Municipality inspectors arrived at the scene of the protest rally in front of the President's Residence, and said he even issued tickets to protest organizers.

"As a member of the Jerusalem City Council, I would like you to present the license you received from the municipality for placing picket signs in front of the President's residence. Or do you have preferential rights unlike of 'regular individuals' and are entitled to putting up posters without a license?" King wrote to the chairman of the movement, attorney Eliad Shraga, who has proclaimed himself the "national plumber" of the State of Israel, and views himself as a leader in the fight against corruption –be it non-conscription of haredi youths or legal cases against the Prime Minister.

As you may recall, The Movement for Quality Government in Israel petitioned the High Court to prevent Rivlin from allowing Prime Minister Netanyahu from forming a government, but had the petition rejected. However, a protest rally against "bribery, fraud and breach of faith" continues across from the President's residence in the capital.

Responding to allegations of unlawfully holding the demonstration, the Movement for Quality Government responed that "[it] has been given proper permits. However, [certain individuals] seem to be attempting to prevent the protest from taking place which is very disturbing."

King, for his part, is left to wonder whether the city's requirements for holding a protest have been met, and promises to stay on top of the case.