Voter fraud?
'We voted Yamina, where did the votes go?'

Or Akiva resident finds Yamina received 0 votes at his polling station despite he and his friends having voted for Yamina.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yamina voting slip
Yamina voting slip
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Moti Levy, a resident of Or Akiva, was surprised to find on the election committee website that in the polling booth he voted in there where no recorded votes for the Yamina party.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Levy testified that he and at least 27 of his friends voted for Yamina at the polls, and he suspects that someone has manipulated the results to make it appear that Yamina received no votes.

"We voted Yamina, so where did the votes go?" he asked.

These are the number one cards at the Horizon School in Or Akiva. A poll on the Election Commission's official website reveals that the Yamina party did not receive votes in the polls, and Levy claims this figure does correspond with the fact that many of his friends are Yamina supporters.

In light of Arutz Sheva's appeal to the Central Election Commission, it was decided to take the ballot for review and recount to examine the allegations.

The Yamina party received six Knesset seats in Monday's elections as of the latest counting.