Report surfaces of Gantz's misuse of army funds

A report has surfaced about Gantz's use of army funds for building 'palace' at Northern Command HQ.

Eitan Divinsky ,

Gantz on day 8 of Operation Protective Edge, July 15, 2014
Gantz on day 8 of Operation Protective Edge, July 15, 2014
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0404 News reported on a story they claimed has been covered up by the media to avoid hurting MK Benny Gantz's reputation.

The incident reportedly took place when Gantz assumed the post of head of the Northern Command. According to the report, Gantz was to set up his command post at a location called the "Tzfat Command Barracks" but decided that an army general should be allotted lodgings proportionate with his "lofty status."

The IDF lacked the funds for this and no general prior to Gantz had even considered having the bureau renovated. In those days, if extra money was found for the Northern Command, it would most likely go towards renovating the Golan Heights command center. Gantz had other plans which he began implementing instantaneously.

An officer currently serving in the Northern Command recalled that, "[Gantz] applied for operational construction at the General Staff to improve his headquarters. (It is easier to receive money from the operational structure for something as important as the commander's living quarters).

An officer in the Northern Command who served under Gantz at the time told 0404 News: "Benny Gantz got ahold of the necessary amount and began renovating the bureau. He built an enormous two-story palace with beautiful rooms." The officer further related that this was a case of the army budget being inappropriately redirected for personal reasons prohibited under IDF guidelines.

With less than a day to go before elections, a number of rumors, most of these originating within the Blue and White party leader's inner circles, have surfaced regarding Gantz's misconduct in his personal and political dealings.