Gantz blames Netanyahu for 'fake' Coronavirus news

In bizarre twist, Blue and White head, Benny Gantz blamed Netanyahu for making up news of Coronavirus spread.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Elad Malka

Blue and White Party chairman Benny Gantz wrote a post on his Facebook page today headlined "The Corona Method: This is how Netanyahu intends to prevent you from voting."

In the post, Gantz said the prime minister and his aides intended to use the Coronavirus to deter potential Blue and White voters from coming to the polls.

"This morning there was news of the virus [being suspected to have spread] to Givatayim," wrote Gantz. "Of course, this was refuted by the Ministry of Health at lightning speed after it was determined that nothing had happened. This did not prevent Likud agitators from spreading the message that COVID-19 had spread to Givatayim."

"You might be asking yourselves why Givatayim? "That's exactly what Netanyahu intends to do tomorrow," continued the former chief of staff.

"He intends to disrupt Election Day, distribute fake news in every area known for its Blue and White support base so that you end up staying home. Without [needing to use] borders and red lines."

"He understands that if you go out to vote, we will win the election and will do everything to make you stay home. There's only one solution for this: don't believe their lies. Not the [political SMSs] or fake messages. Send all your concerns to my Facebook inbox on Election Day and we'll take care of the rumors. The liars and distributors of fake news will not win," he added.

"We will all come out to vote because if [the Likud} gets one additional seat, [Netanyahu remains in office]" Gantz concluded.

"Vote Blue and White or you'll end up with Erdogan in [in office]." A few hours after posting, Gantz arrived at the Givatayim mall as a show of confidence that the coronavirus had, indeed, spared the city.