Deri's son calls Shas supporters 'retarded right-wingers'

In released recording, son of Shas chairman Deri can be heard lashing out against Shas voters, the national camp, and Netanyahu family.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

אריה דרעי
אריה דרעי
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Arutz Sheva Staff reported that Yaakov (Yanki) Deri, son of Shas chairman Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, was recorded lashing out against Shas voters and the national camp, as well as the family of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a recording released by Channel 12, he's heard saying: "[Shas supporters have become retarded right-wingers who doesn't understand anything,"

Yanki claimed that the Prime Minister's family is "paranoid," and said that "the same can be done with Gantz."

He also offered a conspiracy theory whereby Ayelet Shaked urged Lieberman to make a push for a fourth election in an attempt to return to politics."

"[In the Likud, they] believe it," he said. "Dad claims it's not completely clear."

"[The Likud] are delusional, they perpetuate the conflict. It is the sin of fear. They don't trust anyone."

Regarding Shas' strategy, Yanki said, "Everyone knows we will participate in whatever government we need but we knew the public supported Bibi and went with [him] to the end. Our voters supported Bibi. They won't forgive us if another government comes to power because of us."

"We [supported] Rabin and got Oslo and because of that, they are not willing to forgive us. Our public has become a retarded right, and doesn't get it. I can tell you that you can do the same thing with Gantz as Bibi. You just need to get Lapid out of the way."