"You have one mission: win the next war"

Golani and 7th Battalion forces completed two weeks of training in the Golan Heights intended to improve their battlefield skills.

Kobi Finkler ,

הלוחמים באימון
הלוחמים באימון
צילום: דובר צה"ל

The Ga'ash Formation (36th Armored Division) completed extensive exercises of the 7th and Golani Brigades of in the Golan Heights today (Thursday) to improve the readiness of combat units in the northern theater.

The drills were held over the past two weeks with the aim of increasing the battle readiness of the army for the next round of fighting in Lebanon, as well as the implementation of the new control system of the land technological division, "Chad 750", which will be employed by the Ga'ash Division first followed by the 7th and Golani brigades.

The units operated as brigade battalions composed of infantry, armor, engineering, intelligence, artillery, air force, and other units completing a combat exercise in a complex terrain designed to simulate fighting in Lebanon.

The "Chad 750" system was developed by the land forces in conjunction with the Cyber ​​Communications and Defense Division, enabling multi-unit coordination combining high-level fire capabilities, extracting intelligence information, and producing targets and command and control processes, thus combining all of the army's forces and military capabilities, and increasing mission efficiency.

These technological innovations will allow the IDF to make full use of all its military potential, and respond quicker and more accurately in the next war.

Land Forces commander, Colonel Joel Strick, said: "In the past two weeks, we have observed the operational and integrational stages of the Chad, a groundbreaking system that will enable the maneuvering of a multi-dimensional program with the purpose of significantly enhancing battlefield command procedures. The development of the land forces signals a revolution in mission understanding which will provide these forces better chances of successfully completing battlefield assignments. This is a significant component of the land forces' annual work program, which we have defined as 'a year dedicated to sharpening our operational capacity.'"

Commander of Ga'ash, Brigadier General Avi Gil addressed the 7th Division and Golani soldiers: "You have just completed challenging brigade drills that began with a transition from regular to emergency situations, directly shifted to defensive attacking maneuvers, and finally to a simulation of destroying enemy positions, thus removing the threat to the citizens of Israel. You carried out the maneuvers just as you will in the next military campaign."

"You have one mission: win the next war – whenever it may be. Our enemy continue to make threats, to challenge us in all sectors of the country and throughout the entire year - in the north as we have experienced in recent months, and in Judea and Samaria as well as the south as we see on an almost weekly basis."

"Almost all of the 7th and Golani divisions were ready, sharp, and competent, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and vigor while maintaining communication channels between the infantry, armor, intelligence and air engineering corps. We will continue in that vein till victory is achieved on the battlefield. See you at the base," he added.