Bereaved brother: We stopped being silent, we are joining forces

Oron Shaul's brother is disappointed with the conduct of the state and the government.

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Aviram Shaul and his mother
Aviram Shaul and his mother
From the live broadcast

Aviram Shaul, brother of IDF soldier Oron Shaul whose body has been held by Hamas in Gaza since 2014, spoke on Wednesday evening at a rally for the return of the missing Israelis, with his mother Zehava at his side.

"Today, after almost 6 years, we stopped being silent. Today, for the first time, we are all joining forces,” he said.

"When we joined the army, we received the document entitled the ‘Spirit of the IDF’. The Spirit which every soldier carries with him in his military backpack is of great importance. [It contains] values such as responsibility, personal example, friendship, mission and more. I wonder: Where did all the values by which we were educated disappear? As the third election campaign is around the corner, we have to ask ourselves: Is this the way we would expect a government to behave toward its troops which it sent to battle and who did not come back? Is this the way we would expect to treat innocent civilians who crossed the fence? Is this the friendship, responsibility or personal example we pass on to an 18-year-old who wants to enlist in Golani? To a mother who sent her son to the Israel Defense Forces and whose son is currently at the border of the enemy? Is this the way we would expect the next government to act?” he wondered.

"A greatness of a leader is not only measured by running for the leadership of the state - but in his ability to look into my mother's eyes, even if they are tearful, without fear, and to say clearly: The return of the boys is a basic and moral condition. The government chooses to behave the opposite way, and for more than 5 years has been evading responsibility. It abandons not only the boys but also the families."