Netanyahu questions Gantz's ability to lead

Netanyahu attacked political rival Gantz for latter's inexperience and inability to withstand diplomatic pressure.

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Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu meet in White House
Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu meet in White House

In an Army Radio interview Wednesday night Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fiercely attacked Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz, focusing on his rival's lack of experience on the diplomatic stage.

Netanyahu said that the "Israeli prime minister faces a tremendous amount of pressure. Gantz [doesn't have what it takes] to withstand [international] pressure. A situation in which Iran is able to blackmail an Israeli prime minister or exert pressure against him is unfathomable. I think that Gantz should [disclose information about recent allegations of wrongdoing against his fomer company] concluded Netanyahu, referencing the ongoing criminal investigation against his former chief-of-staff's artificial intelligence firm.

One of Netanyahu's main points of attack against the Blue and White party is its leadership's lack of experience and exposure to pressure from the international community. Netanyahu has vouched to apply Israeli sovereignty to most of Judea and Samaria in the run up to the March 2 election but some have voiced scepticism about his intentions. With elections less than a week away, the Israeli constituency will soon have another chance to decide whom they prefer to lead the country.